Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Boundaries and Core Issues

Healing often occurs within community
To work through whatever core issues are most important to you, it helps to be in the company of safe people who support what you are trying to accomplish.

Early experience(s) of abandonment can lead to feelings of self-doubt and shame.
Sometimes this creates layers of problems, including compulsions and addictions.

As an adult, it's important for us to create safe boundaries in our lives, especially if as a child, those boundaries were broken. We don't want those boundaries to be too rigid, keeping love and safe relationships out of our lives. But, we don't want to allow our need for love to cause us to put up with abusive behavior either.

As adults, we can choose the that we surround ourselves with, and with whom we share our personal information. (Please note that foster care alumni often have an all-or-nothing tendency to overshare or undershare).


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