Monday, December 17, 2012

Promoting Resiliency In Foster Care Youth

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative recently released a news brief on “Promoting Development of Resilience among Young People in Foster Care.

The Core Principles they recommend, in order to support the process of developing resilience for young people in foster care include:
  • Optimism:  There is no “point of no return,” from which a young person cannot return. As long as young person is living and breathing there is hope.  
  • Strengths-based approach:  Look for the young person’s areas of competency and strengths. It’s not enough simply to remove one or more risk factors in their life – the next step is focusing on Developmental Assets.
  • Community partnerships: Effective intervention will include awareness of resources in the local community.

In addition, when it comes to building resilience, the brief recommends both strengths-based and process-focused strategies:
  • Strengths-based strategies refers to improving the number and quality of internal and external assets (i.e. tutoring, mentoring, community-based youth activities, parenting education for young parents, recreational activities and adult role models)

  • Process-focused strategies focus on  helping young people develop the skills to adapt to various situations (i.e. coping strategies, interpersonal relationships, cultural traditions and building self-efficacy – belief in their own ability to succeed)


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