Friday, November 20, 2009

Question for Readers: What Do You Think of This Model?

This is new to me...

The Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Model is "a revolutionary trauma treatment for 3-18 year olds and their adult caregivers. It consists of a comprehensive and robust, 21-session manualized program that is informed by trauma theory, attachment theory and advanced CBT techniques. ITTM effectively trains practitioners across all professional designations."

WHAT: The ITTM is a model that works to resolve the impact of trauma on a child through the caregiver.

HOW: The ITTM heals unresolved impact in the caregiver's history first and then re-positions the caregiver in treatment sessions to be the primary impact healer for the child.

WHO: The ITTM empowers caregivers to retain and regain their position as their child's most important and influential support.

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Blogger Lulu McCabe said...

I'm the foster adoptive parent of a teenage boy and I think this is really interesting - I like the focus on making the caregiver the primary healer for the kid. I'm sad to say, my experience has been that sometimes the therapeutic models leave the caregiver out of the equation.

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