Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Replace traumatic memories with positive ones

Emotional memories engage different brain structures than do normal memories, and are stored in a particularly powerful and lasting way by the brain.

There is evidence for a
self-reinforcing "memory loop" whereby the brain's emotional center triggers the memory center, which in turn further enhances activity in the emotional center.

Because of this, traumatic memories can have a powerful effect on human behavior – including placing restrictions in the way that people go about their daily lives.

Survivors may avoid places, smells or objects that remind them of the traumatic experience, because they may trigger severe anxieties.

Learned knowledge may dissipate, but emotional memories still remain.

According to researcher Karsten Baumgärtel, “It is entirely possible for facts to vanish completely from the memory, whereas in extreme cases emotional recollections remain stored for a whole lifetime.”

Isabelle Mansuy, Professor of Cellular Neurobiology explains that, “Emotional memories are not simply erased. Oppressive negative memories need to be actively replaced by positive memories.”

How are you replacing the negative experiences in your life?


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