Thursday, April 03, 2008

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit

Some of the many insights available in this valuable resource:
"Trauma can change children’s world views, their sense of safety, and how they interpret the meaning of the behavior of others—including people who are trying to help them...

"Children often have multidimensional trauma histories, and adults should not assume that they know what was most traumatic for the child. The event(s) thatled to child welfare involvement may not be the child’s most significant trauma experience...

"There is a difference between physical safety and psychological safety. Child welfare workers should not only aim to keep a child physically safe but should also provide a psychologically safe setting for children and families when inquiring about emotionally painful and difficult experiences...

"System-Induced Trauma: (def).Traumatic removal from the home, traumatic foster placement, sibling separation, or multiple placements in a short amount of time."

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