Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Pain and sadness are homeless beggars in my life, displaced feelings that come and go, plopping down for their own reasons, sleeping in any corner of my brain. They wear at me with a constant tiredness that I have to chase out.

"Sometimes, though, a trigger pulls inside me, and the pain goes off, getting bad. It isn't like I know all the triggers, but school newness is a definite."

- Clinton, Cathryn. The Eyes of Van Gogh.


Blogger KristenJean said...

Your blogs are awesome, you left a comment on my lj, 14pearl84. I just wanted to make sure you got my comment.

You are totally welcome to read my blog, many of the adoption related posts are locked not to keep people out and away but to prevent my adoptive sister nosing around and twisting my words to my adoptive mother and family. If you create a livejournal I'll put your right into the filter letting people read adoption issue posts.

We have similar thoughts on trauma and ptsd and the need to advocate for children, foster or adoption cases.

Thanks for the resources.


9:40 AM  

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