Saturday, August 06, 2016

Appreciation for Suits for Success Partners

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In the words of the youth themselves, as written in their evaluations:
  • Thank you  (many, many youth wrote this in their evaluations)
  • Very nice people and lots of nice clothing
  • Very great idea for youth; I appreciate the generosity
  • Very pleased!!!  The woman helping me was awesome!
  • Easy to find size - amazing for easy clothes
  • Very nice thing to do for us. Thank you so much.
  • Thanks for the wonderful clothes
  • Wonderful helpers. They were extremely respectful and amazing.
  • It was fun to look through the different options and find what you needed.
  • This was nice and generous. Thank you!
  • Very helpful person.
  • I had fun (multiple youth mentioned this)
  • Great clothes - very helpful to me - I appreciate the help (that the helper provided in selecting clothing)
  • This was great!  I can use these clothes for interviews.
  • This is a very helpful thing - great!
  • Really cute outfits
  • It was cool going through the different clothes and seeing what would be good for an interview
  • Cute clothes
  • Loved everything. I think it's an awesome thing, especially for young men who may not be able to afford a suit. Thanks lots!
  • You are a great help. Thank you so much. 
  • The workers provided great assistance.
  • I really appreciate what your organization is doing. It really helps. Thank you.
  • Thank you and I appreciate everything. 
  • Very presentable!
  • Thank you for everything...


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